Temporary placement

With this service we provide you with the opportunity to engage employees only in the period when your company has the need: increased work, seasonal work, probe period of employment, etc.

Temporary employed persons sign a contract with ESI as employment agency, and are further provided to your company for use. You as a company user are defining the job descriptions, the working hours and the payment amount for these positions, while you can leave the complete administration of the employers to us.

What are the benefits of using this service?

  • We do not have to make an advert, we can immediately register the employee
  • We save your time by doing the registration and deregistration of employment in the Employment Agency of RM and in the Health Insurance Fund, preparing contracts with the workers, calculating and aying the salaries and other compensations
  • The complete administration of the employees (preparation of sick leave, annual holiday leave and salary payment) is our obligation.

* For this service, the agency charges a percentage to the gross salaries of the hired workers. VAT is charged only to the agency provision.