Staff assessment and development

Many companies face stagnation in their businesses as a result of the lack of strategic development of the capacities of the employees.

This is the reason why we started to offer this specific service which will enable you to detect the potential of each employee and use it to the fullest for development of your business.

This service is used for:

  • Assessment of candidates in process of recruitment
  • Assessment of employees in process of promotion
  • Assessment of employees in process of change management
  • Assessment of employees for detecting training and development needs

This service focuses primarily on evaluating the employees by using appropriate techniques in controlled conditions. The assessment is realized through the use of instruments for psychological assessment, non-formal inventories and tests and tools for behavioral assessment. After the assessment you receive a report for the employees with detailed description of their capacities and directions for using their potential, as well as recommendations for additional training in line with the plans for the development of your business.