Recruitment and selection

The recruitment and selection of staff is the most efficient service through which you can find quality employees for the needs of your company.

Through this service you get the full process of
recruitment and selection of new employees in line
with your needs.

The advantage of using this type of service is that you save time and resources but at the same time you have high quality candidates at your disposal and support in the process of selection of the perfect candidate.

The procedure for recruitment and selection is consisted of the following steps:

  • We realize a joint meeting to explore your needs and define the details
  • You complete the form “Demanded profile”
  • We undertake the advertising and recruitment process
  • We realize a pre-selection of the candidates through CV screening and short interviews. If needed we also conduct psychological testing
  • As this process is completed, we send you reports for the candidates we recommend for the position
  • The final decision is made by you after the second row of interviews realized with your presence in the interview panel.